Amazing Finds

Amazing Finds

Amazing Finds is a hidden object game developed by
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Amazing Finds is a hidden object game developed by
At the beginning of Amazing Finds you have been summoned to the mansion of your rich uncle Mc Griff. Mc Griff is a world renowned collector of rare and unique items. His collection is almost complete, he just needs to find eight more items, to finish his life's work. Unfortunately he can't travel around the world as he used to do in the past. That's why he offers you to help him. Mc Griff gives you his journal with notes about the possible locations of the items.
This game features great graphics. Stages are a smart mixture of real photo images and drawings. In addition to this, stages are not only static images, as in many other games of this kind. In Amazing Finds we can see some items moving when we are searching for the desired items.
Amazing Finds is a full featured time limited trial version. This version of the game will stop working after 60 minutes. If you want to play longer the game must be registered at the developer's page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Great graphics


  • It's a bit hard sometimes
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